Year 6 Remembrance Poem 2017

Remembrance is…

Remembrance is a bold, fearless soldier working tirelessly,
Alongside his comrades, he defends his incredible country and all that belong to it.
Determination seeps out of every pore, gallantly he strides forward to defend and serve,
A valiant warrior, his name blessed and acknowledged by all.

Remembrance is a dark, crimson poppy swaying gently in a cool breeze,
Signifying the status of the fallen heroes of our land.
It grows, protectively, over a battered soldier’s helmet, offering relief and harmony,
Its unique story hidden within the petals, bursting out and comforting passers-by.
It paints no No-Man’s Land, delicately resting on the souls of our heroes.

Remembrance is a polished medal, glistening in the sunlight, presented to honour our loyal patriots,
Each and every one destined to fight for their nation and shield their indebted companions
A dedicated veteran who battled selflessly, held forever in the hearts of others.
Crosses lay in admiration of the fallen heroes who will never be forgotten.

Remembrance is a graceful white dove soaring freely in the welcoming sky,
Feeling safe, at liberty and without fear, sheathed in a blanket of hope.
A captive of the turmoil fashioned by war, gladly accepting the first whisper of fresh air,
Which strokes the cheeks of injured soldiers, guiding fathers, brothers and sons home.

Remembrance is pure bravery projecting from a soldier’s beating heart and their caring soul,
Living in hope that they will awake from the nightmare that surrounds them.
Its resilient families clinging silently onto dreams whilst on the inside, almost lost,
Keeping home fires burning; ignited through love and optimism.

Remembrance is a land full of peace, where smiles are plentiful and encouraged.
Embraces between loved ones, represent happiness and joy.
Colour returns to the world like a rainbow restoring peace and harmony in the sky.
Families repair as noble soldiers return, their names never to be forgotten.