Year 6 Communication Letter

Friday 9th September 2016

Dear Parents/ Carers of Year 6 Pupils,

We hope that you have had a really enjoyable summer.  It is lovely to be back in school and I am delighted with how quickly the children have settled into Year 6.  We are busy working towards earning our School Captain status and I hope that your child is sharing some of the ways that we do this with you at home.  As a class we have written a list of the qualities that we believe a School Captain should demonstrate and you can see this in the back of your child’s planner.  It’s great to see how seriously they are taking their various Year 6 responsibilities already. We hope that you find this letter and pack of information useful.

Autumn Term Curriculum
Here is an outline of some of the areas of learning that we will be covering in class this term. 

Place value (reading, writing, ordering, scaling up and down, rounding) of whole numbers and decimal numbers to at least 3 decimal places.
Calculations (+ - x ÷). Written and mental methods.
Fractions, decimals and percentages.
Number sequences and types of number (e.g. prime, square).
Measurement (area and perimeter, time, length conversions)
Shape (properties of 2D shapes, angles, position and direction)
Ratio and proportion
Historical stories
Newspaper reports
Narrative poetry
Recounts/diary entries
Non-chronological reports
+ Guided reading, spelling, punctuation and grammar!
Reading- our class texts are Once and Goodnight Mister Tom.
Invasion games with sports coach (Football/ Tag Rugby)
(History, art, D.T, Music, Geography)
World War II

How you can help at home?


Weekly task- either to be completed on My Maths website (lunchtime provision for those who are without access to this at home) or in maths homework book. In addition, children should continue to work on fast recall of number facts. There will be a times table test weekly on Thursdays; this is to prepare pupils for the arithmetic SATs text.
Set: Friday
Due: Wednesday
We anticipate these weekly tasks will take approximately 30 minutes. So if it is taking longer, please ask your child to come and see me. I’m more than happy to help.

Weekly tasks- Children will be able to select from the bubble choices, a task which appeals to them that week.  This will be completed in their orange homework book.
Set: Friday
Due: Wednesday
We anticipate these tasks take approximately 45minutes (including planning time).

Children will be set a list of spellings each week, these works are taken from the year 5/6 curriculum. Spellings will be tested in a dictated sentence, where pupils will be expected to write a complete sentence.  Again, this is to support your child in preparation for the SATs. Spelling scores will be recorded in the homework planner for your information.
Set: Thursday
Due: Following Thursday, to be tested in class.

Additionally, children should be learning and practising the half termly spellings which are included in this pack.  These will be tested at the beginning and end of each half term and scores will be sent home.

As you know children hugely benefit from reading regularly, every night where possible. It is still important for Year 6 children to be reading with an adult on a regular basis too.  It is suggested that pupils read with an adult three times a week. Reading records must be completed in your child’s planner. The reading record should include the book, page numbers read and a bit about what happened. Pupils can explain if they are enjoying and why. Of course this is a guide and if you wish to do more reading with your child, then that’s great.

For many children comprehension based discussion is the most valuable use of shared reading time and we have attached some example questions that you could use if you wish. It is also important that children read a range of books. I have attached a suggested reading list for Year 6 children; it is by no means an exhaustive list and children are not expected to make their way through each book. I will discuss reading a lot in class and help anyone who isn’t sure what to read next! Children should ensure their reading book is in school every day. Their book ought to be to be a school book banded book, but if your children would like to read a book not in school please ensure they check it with me.

A list of standards that Year 6 have written in order to ensure homework is completed to a high standard are included inside the homework books.  Children will be given time in class to record the homework task in their planner and to ensure that they understand what it is they are being asked to do.

The amount of homework given in Year 6 aims to help make the transition to secondary school a smooth one. Homework set is generally revision rather than new learning but if your child has any trouble with homework, all they need do is come and ask me (before the due date please).  It is also appreciated if you could help encourage children to take responsibility for their own homework- if it is not going to be handed in on the due date then children should tell us themselves- I really am very reasonable!

We hope that you find the planners useful in helping your child organise themselves.  The children are using their planners to record homework tasks but can also use it as a personal diary and write in any of their social engagements! Please could you check your child’s planner at the end of each week and sign in the weekend section- please feel free to use this as an additional way to communicate with me.  Your child should take responsibility for asking you to check and sign- it shouldn’t become another thing for you to remember and please let me know if it becomes so!  I will check and sign planners on Thursdays.  Children should ensure that planners are in school every day.

Times Tables
Please keep practising speedy times table recall with your child- these facts are so useful.  Children will be entering the ‘Times Table Olympics’ where each Thursday they will compete to produce a personal best under timed conditions and move up through increasingly difficult levels.  You will be able to track their progress in the homework planner and help them ‘train’ ready for their next ‘race’!

Children will have two P.E sessions a week; Wednesday and Thursday.  They will have one indoor session (gymnastics) and one outdoor session (tag rugby).  Sometimes our timetable has to change so P.E kit should be in school each day please.  It would be useful for the children to have both outdoor trainers and plimsolls (or clean trainers) as part of their kit so that we can use both the hall and outdoors.  When it starts to get colder, joggers and jumpers may also be needed. Please ensure that full school PE kits are provided.

We are delighted that Mrs Emma Seagers will be teaching the class every Thursday; I will be in school if you need to discuss anything with me.

We have an exciting trip planned for Wednesday 14th September 2016. Please ensure your child’s permission slip has been returned.

I look forward to working closely with you.  Please don’t hesitate to come and see me if you have any questions.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Charlotte Hughes