Congratulations Year 6!

Friday 13th May 2016
Congratulations Year 6!
Dear Parents/Carers,
I would like to congratulate Year Six on all their hard work leading up to and on the SATs.
We have had a delightful day relaxing and finding out about our production. This Year’s production will be ‘Pirates of the Curry Bean’. The pupils have seen the script and are starting to think about the parts they might want. Pupils will audition on 19th and 20th May during lunchtime, therefore they will be able to have an early lunch at 12:15pm on the day they will audition. Pupils are working in small groups and will audition the opening scene. This is only to see how they are in front of an audience, they will then be asked which role they would like (pupils can say three roles in preference order). Any pupils who would like a main role will also have a singing audition; they can select a song from the production. Pupils will be told their roles within the week beginning 23rd May, so that they can start to think about their role and costume.
As you are fully aware all the pupils have worked incredibly hard recently and deserve a well-earned rest. Therefore, pupils will only be required to complete: reading, spellings and times tables for the rest of this half term (two weeks). However, homework is available on personal request- for those who would like it.
After half term, Year 6 have decided they would like to come in with the rest of the school, so they have chance to do wake and shake for the final half term. In class, I will be allowing time within our timetable to ensure pupils feel settled and ready for Secondary School, to ease transition. It is a very exciting time of year and I hope we can provide as many opportunities as possible to make it memorable.   
Thank you again for your continued support,
Yours sincerely,

Miss Charlotte Langston.